Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Glacier National Park

Talk about missing a few posts! Nobody skips Glacier National Park, the incredible coasts of Oregon and California and the absolutely magnificent Redwood Giants. I did and apologize. I also apologize for not posting my pics. Can't seem to do it for some reason. I have them and will post one day soon.

Leaving the Museum of the Plains Indians I started up the eastern face of the Lewis Range (Rt 89) hoping to cross the Park through Logan Pass (Going to the Sun Road) but before reaching St. Mary's I found the Pass closed for repairs (met an amazing woman living on this barren and wind swept Front Range, raising horses and providing lodging for folks in the summer). I was already impressed: the mountains were beautiful and rugged beyond words; the wind was cold and blowing at gale force, snow was beside the road now. Natives said the Front Range always blew but even they said today was severe. A guide mentioned his car being blown across the road on a similar day. Still, it was invigorating, if a little scary. Not being able to cross at Logan I took 89 south again until I found that I could possible take a shortcut to West Glacier by taking Rt 49--also closed but you could take "your chances." It was wonderful. I an another car traveled together over Looking Glass Pass seeing fabulous vistas http://www.glacierparkinc.com/Maps.htm; so glad I took the small risk. At the very top of Looking Glass I met Scott who bicycles to the top of the Pass every day and has since his childhood! Had a great cappuccino at Brownies in the lovely little village of East Glacier and left from there for West Glacier. 55 miles from East to West but what a climate and biology difference! The east face of the Rockies is bitter cold and windy, the 55 miles (here at least) mark more than a continental divide--the western slopes are much, much warmer, more tall pines and greener vegetation--warm and comfortable enough for me to get my tent out and go back to a T shirt. Slept well--proud of myself for getting the tent out and spending the night there. More tomorrow--maybe!

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GuillermoBill said...

I'M talking to Corky via Skype. It seems he is on the way to becoming a Least Heat Moon. All his Steinbeck needs is a "Charly." He is in New Mexico at a Comfort Inn outside of Albuquerque - warmer than last night's stay in a Chaco Canyon tent.